Al Mahd Investment Company WLL Projects

Mada4 Real Estate Fund

Mada4 Real Estate Fund

Murcia Real Estate Fund

Al Mahd Investment Company WLL Capital and Al-Hakmiah Real Estate Development Co. have embarked on the first phase of construction of the Murcia Real Estate Development Project after successfully launching the Murcia Fund and raising t...

Andalusiat Project

Andalusiat is a project of six towers known for their Andalusia architectural style .The main theme of the project was inspired from the old cities where the negative and positive spaces urban fabric with a spe...


Al Mahd Investment Company WLL is a specialized investment company in structuring diversified real estate funds in the kingdom, our real estate fund’s objective is to provide long-term growth through capital appreciation by investing primarily in the real estate sector. The fund is suitable for investors looking for specific exposure to the real estate sector, investors willing to accept the moderate risk of investing in a single sector and those investing for the long term. We seek to invest in real estate properties in order to provide investors with steady stream of cash flows and strong returns on capital. We carefully select real estate properties by carrying out comprehensive in depth analysis.



Our Islamic fiduciary deposit services are aimed at investors who want to have exposure to Islamic deposits with attractive return. We place funds in deposits with the most attractive terms and conditions available in the Gulf region rated banks taking time horizon of the deposit and exchange rate impact into consideration. Al Mashriq will act as agent bank for the client, while the client will take the risk of the receiving bank.


  • Availing the expertise of our dealing team to secure the best rates
  • Risk minimization by spreading credit risk. Currency risk however would remain if the deposit are withdrawn before the maturity.
  • Regular updates/ information.


  • Flexibility of adding monies as needed while earning profit at all times.
  • Deposits can be made in any major traded currency and we can arrange conversions between currencies on a spot or forward basis.

Minimal documentation. The only formality needed is to complete an DPM Agreement to appoint us as banker and agent.