Our Mission, Vision & Values


To be the best Wealth Management firm in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to build long term relationships throughout the Kingdom and MENA Region. We will accomplish this by providing outstanding levels of customer service, adhering to innovation, and being inspired by the best elements of our local tradition.

To invest ethically and prudently in assets, create wealth, and maximize value to shareholders.


To become a globally connected and reputable financial institution firmly established in the Gulf that will combine Islamic Jurisprudence with the intimacy, breadth and security of Swiss style banking and wealth management.
Organizational Values.

In all our stakeholders and the public sphere.

In our dealings, contracts, and results.

In all our dealings and in accordance with our environment.

To take care of all our stakeholders including clients, employees, shareholders, and suppliers.

In our religion, approaches, and traditions.
Innovation & Creativity

To build a culture of originality and ingenuity while granting instantaneous reward to idea-originators.

To implement in our ways a poised Islamic attitude, well-kempt appearance, honesty, confidentiality, tolerance, Professionalism, punctuality, adherence to company ideals, and work ethic.
Corporate Social Responsibility

To give back to the community that we proudly are a part of.

To always maintain mutual respect in and out of our work environment.

To protect and assert the rights, privacy, and confidentiality of all individuals and business activities.

To offer free and unfettered access to regulators in order to establish public trust.